Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bag The Hun North Africa

The Italian Air Force
I had a rummage in the boxes yesterday and located some early war aircraft suitable as opposition for my Italians. In previous games at the club, my Macchi Mc200's and Fiat G50's got in plenty of shots on the P40's of my opponent but failed to cause much damage, due to the rifle calibre armament they were equipped with. Conversely, the Kittihawks with their eight .50 calibre machine guns caused havoc when they managed to get on my six.

The solution to this problem is, I think, to push back the timeframe from 1942 to 1941. This will avoid duplicating the Kittihawk, Baltimore and Beaufighter equipped force of my erstwhile opponent, Andy, and allow for more of a fighting chance for the Italians. I already have six Leading Edge Beaufort MkIV's and six Raiden trop Hurricane I's as a starting point. I've now ordered another six Hurricanes to make up a full squadron and eight P40 Tomahawks to back them up. I've also added a nice Martin Maryland for recconaisance work.

When these arrive I'll be able to start on the Bag The Hun desert air force...but in the meantime I'm hoping to finish off the Iron Cow ONESS British battlegroup and make some further slow progress with the SAGA Vikings.

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