Wednesday, 11 May 2016

NEWSFLASH - Victory to Zubuto! (ZTV)

Victory to Zubuto!

From our home affairs correspondent in Mpangi


In a packed press conference at the presidential palace in Mpangi today, the newly re-elected President for Life of Zubuto, Dr Depe DuDu, proclaimed a massive victory for the Zubuto Army of the People (ZAP) over the Mbote Defence Force (MDF) in a cross border clash yesterday. A full parade of ZAP troops, tanks and armoured vehicles has been greeted by jubilant crowds outside the presidential palace in Mpangi, in a spontaneous outburst of national celebration

ZAP presidential guard in the Mpangi victory parade

The President praised the valiant actions of ZAP armoured and air assault units in repelling the aggressive and illegal infringement of sovereign Zubuto territory by the Mbote interlopers. The decisive and total defeat of the MDF was testament to the skill, determination and superior Soviet backed training of the ZAP armed forces. A special citation and medal was awarded to the crew of a ZAP helicopter gunship, who destroyed twenty three heavy tanks of the MDF with a single anti-tank rocket.

ZAP helicopter formation flying team in parade display

In a separate communique, President DuDu has also pledged a full review of maintenance protocols in the MDF armoured brigade, after a number of tanks suffered minor 'mobility issues' in the recent engagement. An advanced training programme for engineer and armoured field support units has also been initiated, with a visiting delegation of Soviet agricultural tractor engineers on hand to advise the MDF in tracked vehicle repair.

ZAP Tank recovery team look for spanner





  1. The Mbote response to this ... fiction!

  2. Glad to hear the National Anthem (minnie the moocher) being played while the troops stand proudly with one arm and one leg in the air. It brings tears to my glass eye.