Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Grand Fleets: Tsar and Emperor

I've added this Russo Japanese War naval rules supplement to my existing collection of rules, as I really liked the look of them from the preview and thought they'd fit in well with my tentative plans for pre-dreadnought era games.

I particularly liked the fact that they come with a set of pre-prepared ship data cards to use with plastic card holders and wipe off pens, which will save a lot of hassle. I had to do this myself for Victory at Sea, which was a bit of a pain.

The main Grand Fleets rules are also designed for both WW1 and WW2, so there's plenty of scope to use them with my 1/3000 scale French fleet too, for example. They are also on special offer at Wargame Vault, so well worth it even if only for scenario material.


  1. I find myself strangely tempted by pre-Dreadnought gaming. WTJ have a nice line.

  2. Yes indeed they do. I'm weighing up all the possibilities now including scale, cost and manufacturers.