Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Tank on Tank

I've been playing the Tank on Tank: Westfront hex and counter boardgame over the last few days and there are some after action reports over on my other blog, Tea and a Wad Wargaming:

This is a really simple but enjoyable tactical WW2 game and, I think, would make an excellent basis for a show participation game using miniatures and Hexon terrain, perhaps using 10mm or 12mm vehicles mounted in troop sized units? It certainly models WW2 armour tactics very well and gives a fast flowing, exciting outcome with a minimum of mental stress, using easy to grasp mechanics and designed for pick up and play style gaming. Just a thought?


  1. Thanks for sharing, the counters look really nice too. Looks like good quality components.

  2. The counters are really nice and large enough not to be fiddly.