Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Fleet That Had To Die

This is the latest book on the holiday reading list and it really is very good indeed. The author has a narrative style that really brings the extraordinary voyage of the Russian Second Pacific Squadron to life but without sacrificing historical detail or depth. It's a fascinating if tragic story that I was familiar with already but that I now have a much more developed understanding of, especially the various stages of the voyage and the difficulties faced by Admiral Rozhestvensky, many of which were caused by his own government.

Of course, this is inevitably tugging me towards an RJW naval or, as an alternative, a pre-dreadnought imaginations 'what if?' project of some sort. I have a stockpile of potential rules that I've accumulated but would need to decide which of the several miniatures ranges and scales would be the best fit? In the meantime, I've been rifling through my pre-dreadnought rules collection and scouring the catalogues of Tumbling Dice, War Times Journal and Navwar, to name but a few of the manufacturers with potential miniatures in a variety of scales.

I also found this, which has really grabbed my attention!


  1. I have read the book and remember that it was a good read. That is a great short vid!

  2. The book is one I own but yet to read- I really should get round to it.

    Really liked the video- any idea where it is from?



  3. No idea where the film clip is from..but it is good!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, I shall look for the book. The video is powerful and sobering, really well done.

  5. How about an Aeronef RJW ?

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  7. Good idea. I have a Japanese aeronef fleet already. :0)

    1. I've got Russians - so there we go!