Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Back of Beyond Campaign Bolshevik B**** Up!

I had a very enjoyable but utterly disastrous game in the Back of Beyond campaign this evening at the club, in which my Bolshevik Third Workers and Peasants Shock Brigade was soundly thrashed by the Imperial Japanese Expeditionary Force. This was down to three key factors: 1) having absolutely no plan whatsoever, 2) having terrible dice rolls and 3) having a sketchy recollection of the rules, having not played for ages. I really had a laugh, however, and couldn't have been utterly routed by a nicer opponent, who won a well deserved victory!


  1. Great pictures- glad you enjoyed the game despite your loss.



  2. Well it looks like there was lots of pretty toys involved, so there's that... It LOOKS like there was a great game going on!

    The Bolshevik Third Workers and Peasants Shock Brigade will get them next time. (or the time after that...).

  3. Smashing! RCW is a theme I'm hearing more and more about. Cracking effort and well done.

  4. Thanks. I was utterly wiped out...but it was a good game.

  5. A blazing tank by the second photo down is never a good sign, but having fun is what it's all about anyway, so - result! :)