Saturday, 4 March 2017

East Coast Convoy Continued

It's been very slow progress on the workbench of late, partly due to being away at half term and partly due to work, which has changed again and now involves a full five days a week. I've also had a horrible cold and chest infection, which seems to have really sapped at my energy levels. As a result, I've had little time or inclination to sit in a freezing cold garage and paint things but hope to get started again, in readiness for which I have undercoated the various 1/600 scale merchant vessels that I assembled a couple of weeks ago for the coastal warfare project.

These are a the initial priority, rather than yet more warships, escorts and fast attack craft, as without a convoy there wouldn't be much of a game! I'll do a wet brush, dry brush and wash approach with these in an attempt to get them finished as quickly as I can. I also want to get round to some more naval wargaming stuff this month, with a couple of on-going projects being re-booted and an exciting new project on the horizon, based on the excellent Tumbling Dice range of 1/2400th scale warships.


  1. Get well soon. I had a chest infection once and they're no joke.

  2. Hmm, must copy those barges in 1/3000th and pressmould them. Did you ever see my older reply about using this game with 1/3000th stuff? Would it work?

  3. Yes I did and I think you could be on to something.. worth a try anyway!

    1. Excellent, just printed off the rulesset, I'll give them a good read when I have a day off this week and see if I can make things click :)