Tuesday, 13 June 2017

15mm Sci-Fi Basing

Brigade's really nifty fireteam bases

I've decided to use one euro cent coins for the figure basing with one and two pence coins for commanders, specialists and weapons teams. This is instead of using one and two pence coins for everything as I originally intended. The one euro cent coins look much better than the larger one pence coins for individual 15mm figures and I have plenty of them ready to use, having visited the local bank when on holiday in Brittany. If you ask them nicely they even pack them in plastic rolls for you to smuggle back into the UK.

Not only that but I can also make use of the clever resin fire team bases from Brigade Models, which are designed for one euro cent coins held in place with mini-magnets. This will allow me to try out the rules for multiple figure bases in Gruntz and will make moving the squads a lot less fiddly, especially if I scale up to company level games or use a different set of rules with multiple basing as standard. The resin bases come in a variety of sizes and formats so I can change the make up of the squads, adding specialists or different figures as required. Very nifty!


  1. I have a company (or so) of brigade's Chinese infantry done if you fancy a game at some point? And if you want to concentrate your SF lead pile, I'd be more than willing to 're-home' your brigade south african vehicles

  2. A game would be cool. I think the SAC AFV's are staying put though!


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