Saturday, 17 June 2017

15mm Sci Fi Mechanised Platoon ToE

I've worked out the ToE for my 15mm sci-fi platoon, which I think will be a corporate army of some sort to fit with the background in Gruntz, for want of a better idea. There are several corporate factions in the Gruntz 'heliosphere' campaign setting including Massive Atomic, Omni Astron Inc. and the Combine Mining Association, so plenty to choose from and lots of scope to make things up.

Anyway, I have organised the platoon into four squads of eight figures, each transported in a hover APC. There is a command squad with attached SAW and sniper, two infantry squads with a SAW and grenade launcher attachment and one AT squad with two launchers attached or just two or three specialist AT teams. This is all a bit flexible at the moment but is probably the way forward.

I may also have a couple of six man power armoured infantry squads. I think this might be a bit of overkill, as there is already a strong armoured component to the platoon in the shape of three heavy hover tanks and a single light support hover tank, so no shortage of either firepower or armour protection.

To make up the numbers I need I've ordered another single pack of the GZG cyclops hard suit equipped infantry from the Brazilian Tomorrows War range. I've also added a GZG Gauntlet APC with AT launcher for the AT squad, freeing up the Command Gauntlet APC for my overall platoon commander to use, although I've yet to decide upon a suitable figure for the role.

I'm cracking on with this lot over the weekend.

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