Monday, 12 June 2017

Sci-Fi Tanks

I'm a big fan of 'realistic' sci-fi stuff, less super advanced grav technology and more tracked, hover and wheeled vehicles. Why would anyone invent anything more complicated that the wheel? Anyway, the sci-fi mechanised platoon that I'm currently working on has hover vehicles with a distinctly retro look to them, so very much a low to mid-tech force rather than an advanced super high-tech army.

As opposition for this force I'm thinking of an enemy with a similar level of technological development, so have settled on either a wheeled AFV component, using the Brigade Models South African vehicles that I already have stashed away, or something with good old fashioned tracks. So, when I saw the new neo-Soviet Bars and Vombat Terminator tanks, I thought they looked just the job, being far more near future and a bit more down to earth.

I really like the track and hull design on these vehicles, not to mention the fact that they look like proper tanks! I have ordered a couple of the standard tanks and a single AAA tank as a possible centre point for this second army, although it won't be following the neo-Soviet theme, as that's another idea that I'm not keen on. I'll probably use the GZG NAC or TW US figures to go with these but, who knows?

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