Saturday, 10 June 2017

Sci Fi Rummage

I dug out the big storage box of 15mm sci-fi figures that I've had stored on the shelves for quite a while, waiting for the elusive 'right moment' to get started. I have gradually added more and more goodies to the box over the last couple of years, usually after visiting the GZG stand at Warfare and Colours, with a selection of Brigade Models and Antenociti's Workshop vehicles thrown on top of the pile for good measure.

After a quick stock check today, I discovered to my surprise (horror?) that I have enough figures for SIX (!) platoon sized armies including NAC, UNSC/L, CDF, NSL, TW US and TW Brazilians, not to mention the SWAT police unit that I recently acquired. I also found that I have a complete set of AW Aliens AFV's and a platoon of Brigade Models SAC Rhino tanks and APC's. I have obviously far too many options here, so will have to narrow things down a bit at least in the short term.

This project needs to be manageable, so I've decided to use my new GZG TW Brazilians alongside the APC's and tanks that I've already built and undercoated, to form a slightly revised version of the mechanised platoon that I was working on last year. This features GZG Gauntlet hover APC's together with Brigade Models Sohei and Warlock hover tanks. These are lovely models and it would be a shame to let them gather dust in the 'I'll get round to it one day' box.

I also found some extra power armoured figures in the GZG TW US army pack that I bought at Warfare, so will add these to the Brazilian Cyclops helmet figures to beef up the force. All together, I'm planning a platoon of four squads of eight figures including two standard squads with rifles, a SAW and a grenade launcher attachment, one squad with two AT launcher attachments and a command squad. There will also be a couple of power armour squads and a sniper specialist.

This should be more than enough to keep me busy!


  1. It's good to know I'm not the only one who hoards from GZG at Newbury and Reading. I have painted army's at least another 3 to do. Lovely figures and vehicles.

  2. Yes indeed and the GZG people are really, really friendly...almost makes you want to buy something every time!

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